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‘Zwei tanzende Frauen am Strand’ (Two Women Dancing on the Beach) By Christian Rohlfs 1926 {{PD}}

Will it be the ego that drives innovation, invention, and rebellion, or will it be the Will, or matters of the House ruled by Mars in the natal chart? The impulse is to do, and to do it radically, in a modern mode, to push yourself to the front of the pack–and the choices to facilitate this carry a touch of genius, an electric charge, a potency and forward-looking attitude that is guaranteed to propel us farther into the future than a simple 24-hours usually does. Enjoy the ride–it’s likely to be surprising!

(Mars nov Uranus)

Today’s word image is the fake-out ending to a series or movie. You know those shows where they start with what you think is the ending, then flash back to tell the story–but it turns out that this is either not the actual ending (a dream, for instance, or a mid-point from which things recover remarkably, and head in a different direction), or that it’s arrived at so radically removed from what it seems is implied that you see it at the end totally other than you did at the beginning? What ‘ending’, result, or conclusion do you think you’re heading for, that may be an assumption that won’t necessarily follow from your choices or what goes down in between? To think we know the end of something is to condemn ourselves in a way that denies both responsibility and free Will–and to pretend we have a particular, inescapable fate before us is to abdicate our own part in things, our own potentials–don’t let this be you!