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‘Mist in Kanab Canyon, Utah’ By Thomas Moran 1892 {{PD}}

Channeled by the Truth-tellers, the Self-promoters, and the power-seekers, the conscious and unconscious alike, our surroundings are thick with an elemental kind of knowledge, a window into what lies beyond the material, and it cuts deep as a knife, or penetrates like an x-ray, or submerges us in feeling that can’t be denied. Sounds dramatic, doesn’t it? Instead of responding as if someone just plucked our last nerve, we should embrace the intensity and simultaneously take a step back from it. Communication is a perfect, unmistakable vibration; believe what you perceive. If we can create some distance from the emotions, allowing at least a small part of the Self to act as impartial observer, then we can know by today’s messages, interactions, and events where we stand with the Universe and with each other–and that’s highly valuable knowledge to have.

(Pluto trine Juno, Mars conjoins Hygeia at 29 Pisces, then enters Aries, Sun parallel Mercury)