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‘Teasing the daruma’ By Helen Hyde 1905 {{PD}}

What is it today, the tension pre-eclipse, or is the world full of traps, potholes, and a**holes? I’m only being mildly facetious, here, as it almost feels as if those who are empowered in any context are reaching out to stop us, without any real reason to. And then there are those who flat out tell us our ambition is impossible to achieve (but to be fair, we’ve got to measure whether we’re having an emotional reaction to someone speaking sense, or is it as malicious as it seems?) We want to act, especially in regard to relationships or finances, but find that it alters our Path forward in some way we don’t like, and we feel the power of our thoughts and plans right now–and if we’re smart, we are aware of their destructive potentials, as well. We may need to face it, no matter how others are behaving (or appearing to behave) we are looking for hurt, and any inclination to troll for wounds also means we’re looking for reasons to avoid doing what we know we should do. There’s no need to make sharp, precipitous, or daring moves–progress seated in more modest efforts, ones that feel manageable, are more than satisfactory, for today.

(Vesta sq Juno, Venus trine Mars and sesq NN, Mercury sq Zeus and conj Pluto, Sun sxt Chiron and sq Uranus)

I’ve been going through a personally stressful time, and during those times it’s hard for me to discern those Daily Images that I would normally see as a message both to myself and to everyone else. Under stress, I’m busy fielding all kinds of imagery, and can’t be sure what should be shared, but I think I’m finally back on track (or at least have something for today): the country of Spain. We all probably have certain ideas about it, images of it, no matter how vague or how concrete (from personal experience there, perhaps)–so the image is, whatever Spain evokes in you.