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Rembrandt c1654 {{PD}}

First thing to note about the chart for the Total Lunar Eclipse occurring on the 20th at 9:15:57 PM PST at 00 Leo 51 is that it’s apex to a Fist of God with base of Venus-Jupiter in Sagittarius and Neptune in his own sign of Pisces. Eclipses are always some form of wipe-out or wipe clean, but this one brings a conclusion, ending, or change that carries an emotional punch, and possibly a material one, that spurs action (Moon conjoined Earth, Fire placement). It resolves some serious issues around enough/ plenty, social expenditure or investment, the realities of Love or Money, and how these are addressed through creative energies.

We know that when creativity is channeled it offers tremendous power, but at the other end of the scale when we absolve ourselves of all responsibility for that creative energy (in essence crying, ‘I’m helpless!’) Neptune invites chaos into our lives. In the case of this eclipse, what the event presents may challenge us to choose our response: will it be wizardly, where we do our damnedest (that is, approach efforts with a sense of confidence and a willingness to muster all our assets) to enhance the good, to expand Love or Money or some benefit to the social order, or do we throw up our hands, say we’ve been mislead or deceived, claim we don’t know, claim confusion, abdicate our own power and particularly our ability to create the reality, especially the emotional reality, we say we want?

We also see a loose Grand Cross with Pallas, the Sun, and Uranus. The Fire-Air combo in this configuration suggests dynamic action spurred by ideas, thoughts, or revelations. Like a magician’s trick, it balances the Lunar event with what we know to be wise or practical, with our conscious attention applied, and with a possibly sudden reveal, innovation, accident, or invention that now must be carried out/ made manifest–indeed, that may go well beyond a plan and instead be set in motion at this point.

A Water Grand Trine with Chiron and Ceres brings the Lunar event into harmony by utilizing our most unique skills and our natural place in the Universe/ or within Nature itself. In this we respond as goddess (or god), drawing on a deep and inherent level of skill and knowledge in cooperation with Nature and the place it gives us in the Universe. Sound too vague? Not if you picture yourself as a unique element in the vast expanse of existence, one that has a specific and original part to play, with this eclipse offering the ending of one emotional role (particularly one related to actions taken), and sowing the seeds of another via our own expression of skills, personal authority, negotiative ability, or in maternal expression of one form or another.

The Lunar eclipse Sabian is, ‘Blood Rushes To A Man’s Head As His Vital Energies Are Mobilized Under The Spur Of Ambition’. This suggests that what culminates with the Lunar event urges us to take action–not exactly surprising as the eclipse falls in a Fire sign. This may also relate to those base factors holding the eclipse as apex to a Fist: Venus-Jupiter is its own statement of ambition, of wanting more/ better, and Neptune relates to ideals–so may require both those to bring about the action the Fist implies, and this may translate as formation of a new and intense ambition or desire-aim.

We also look at the Sun Sabian since this is the source of all light in our system, which is, ‘An Old Adobe Mission In California’. The missions are beautiful, tranquil gardens now, spots for meditation or contemplation situated in the middle of crowded city blocks, so it’s easy to forget how they came to be. They were instruments of conversion, built by enslaved Native Americans the Church hoped to make their own and enfold into the imported European social order. It may be that whatever sparks the Lunar event may have a calm and appealing surface that hides an ugly past, or came about by means we wouldn’t even consider today. This is likely very particular for each individual, as unique as each experience of this eclipse is likely to be.

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