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‘Mutter mit Kind und einer Puppe’ (Mother with child and doll) By Hans Looschen {{PD}}

What counts is in front of us, and that may be the most difficult thing to fathom–knowing that we don’t need to look far and wide, search the horizon, or peek under any rocks in order to locate what actually needs our attention. If we’re willing to claim our rights (that is, take full responsibility for ourselves and those things under our purview), we can make some exceptional things happen; if we deny our instincts or those things we ‘know but don’t know’, we lose footing in wise or practical realms, and so suffer. Our own imaginations catch our attention today–it’s your job to hook that visualization to reality, to the circumstances directly before you, and not be led by distractions or in an invalid direction.

(Pallas qnx Sedna, Saturn nov Vesta, Mercury trine Juno, Sun semi-sq Neptune)

Cover of the first issue of Detective Story Magazine,
Street & Smith {{PD}}

Today’s word image is ‘A Detective Story’. In what way are you living a detective story? What are you seeking, following clues toward, what puzzle are you trying to solve? It’s something central to your Being, vital to understanding yourself or some situation you are presently in, or it’s emblematic of this. I think this is a reminder, we are the authors of any story we participate in–and as the author, we already know the solution.