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Yes, it’s good stuff today, but a little like this pic: a bit scary, being so high, and a bit somber, too. ‘Sunshine and Haze’ By Charles Courtney Curran 1917 {{PD}}

We expect all the good stuff, today, and we get it, but in the strangest forms, amounts, and requiring the most unanticipated responses! What’s smart is neither here nor there, as they say, making for an ‘anything goes’ atmosphere where consequences seem almost blissfully unconnected to actions, where healing is facilitated by the most unpleasant of alternatives, and yet, somehow, everyone comes out unscathed and, in some cases, a lot better off. Go, enjoy, seek the sunshine–because in one way or another, you’re almost sure to get it (Pallas sq Nodal axis, Chiron nov Black Moon Lilith, Venus conj Jupiter and nov SN, Sun parallel Venus)