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‘The Attributes of the Arts with a Bust of Mercury’ By Jean-Baptiste-Siméon Chardin c1728 {{PD}}

It’s all about the mind, reasoning, thought, communication, the figurative ‘voice’, mental perception, ‘nerve’, as Merc flees staid Capricorn to free-wheelin’ Aquarius, taking our faculties with him. Moving from a Cardinal to a Fixed sign may slow processing down, but things may change on a dime today, and we’ll play catch up.  Current aspects made threaten delusion or deception–but that only happens if your personal grasp of the facts, belief system, and/ or anchor to reality is weak. Otherwise, we get a creative boost, feel strong, healed (maybe even a tad invincible), with only ‘the group’ Will or our own erratic nature getting in the way.

(Mercury into Aquarius, semi-sq Neptune, parallel Jupiter and Saturn, sxt Ceres and Chiron, sq Uranus)