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‘Charlotte Corday’ By Paul-Jacques-Aimé Baudry 1859 {{PD}}

Instincts and what we ‘know but don’t know’ spurs us on, even as what we’re prompted to do conflicts with our highest values and priorities–it’s one of those instances when we’re all like, ‘I would never kill anyone oh no I may have to kill the person chasing me they’ve almost got me and they’re trying to kill me, it’s me or them, I don’t want to but *boom*’ We are put in a position we normally would swear is the very antithesis of our own standards, and it feels as if we have no choice. I’m sure the real-life scenario will be less murder-y, but no less carry the feeling that in order to prevail, no, survive, we’ll need to accept benefits that come from a darker place–the ones that come from dealing with what’s unpleasant, that may reveal the darker edges of our own nature–and in the end, that’s going to be okay. What put us in this spot is a reluctance to face certain matters in the first place; what’s put in the spotlight today for us is what has manifested from our own unused creative energy, forcing us to make choices and to alter the scene for our own survival.

(Mars nov and Vesta sq Sedna, Venus sxt Black Moon Lilith, Mercury parallel Pluto and semi-sq Jupiter, Sun nov Neptune)