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Nagajuban (under kimono) from Japan, Meiji period (1868-1912) CCO

We’re made uncomfortable today by our own life Path, the direction we’re headed right now. Why, we may ask ourselves, do I feel like all the opportunities got used up yesterday? Why do I feel like the past was full of ‘lucky’ breaks, chances, and rife with people who supported me–and none of that’s in sight now? Why does it seem that circumstances today pull the rug from under everything I’ve dedicated my life to, making me feel as if my investments of time, energy, and resources are less noble than I thought, second-rate, inadequate, or that I made those commitments without knowing the full facts?

Somehow, today points out to us that the past is a mirage and the future comes without guarantees, and that may be freaking us out. A few things we can do: if we must inspect the past, stick to the facts and forget feelings–that alone will show you things weren’t ideal then, either; do what’s healthy; and embrace whatever it is you have faith in, and act–that will open up opportunity in a way nothing else will.

(Vesta qnx NN, Jupiter nov SN, Mars trine Jupiter, Sun sxt Hygeia)

Just to reiterate, there is a woman advertising herself as a psychic claiming to have studied with me (and several other very well-known astrologers, so at least I’m in good company!)–I do not know this woman, have no record of ever having interacted with her, and want to let my readers know that I do not endorse this woman or her abilities in any way.