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Get the studio ready, hire the model, but don’t go forward with the work today, or it could end up like this. ‘The Tired Model’ By Paul Peel 1889 {{PD}}

Today is a little tricky; we’re in one of the most productive, fertile, and creative mental states we can experience, but we should not act on what we envision. We should plan, ruminate, sketch out, and do all the creative preparation that surrounds implementing a work of Art or idea. We gain just by having the ambition and by being willing to put in line the people and assets needed to make it a reality. The prep work, planning, and set-up will go brilliantly, but to plunge into the work itself now invites confusion or the kind of smack reality can give when our vision lies so much farther from execution than we realize. Pushing forward at the ‘wrong’ time can lead to the kind of disillusionment that causes us to abandon our plans altogether, as we act and are so thoroughly disappointed with the result. No, today is for preparation to manifest what the creative mind sees–wait until tomorrow, the 27th, to actually begin the work.

(Mars contra-parallel Neptune, Venus sxt Zeus, Mercury nov Neptune)