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‘The Three Goddesses Athena, Hera, and Aphrodite’ By Franz von Stuck 1923 {{PD}}

What’s better than having the strength, authority, wisdom, skills, knowledge, and guiding principles to realize your ambitions? Nothing, so enjoy them, because they’re at your disposal today. Two cautions: more is definitely possible–make sure it’s actually something you want, and embrace what you know from past experience to be the most effective mental approach to achieving your ends–calling on hard-won insights is the most efficient way to speed up the process, and avoid pitfalls. People will fall into two camps today: those who ride these energies and so manifest what they want, and everyone else, who may get so caught up in thinking about the potential for accomplishment that they never bother to make a move.

(Ceres nov Zeus, Vesta trine Pallas, Jupiter parallel Saturn, Mercury sextile Hygeia and parallel SN)