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‘Gelee blanche (Hoarfrost)’ By Camille Pissarro 1873 {{PD}}

Are you reading my mind, am I reading yours, or is the whole thing so subtle that what each of us thinks influences others and vice versa? The atmosphere might be so transparent it’s impossible to pinpoint where a thought, idea, or inclination springs from, and so you might be unsure if that’s really what you think or want to do. With a little care to separate your own urges from everyone elses’, you can allow pure instinct to drive action–just remember, that also means that the ‘blind spot’ and the unconscious have their say, too–and it might be good to speak openly in any relationship or financial situation where love is the basis for the interaction in the first place–at least in this instance, you might be unable to do harm, as every thought reflects Love (though there’s always the chance, if the relationship really isn’t based in our best human expression, that Venus’ less appealing traits prevail in our thoughts, like greed, jealousy, and envy, and so color communications).

(Mars parallel Sedna, Mercury parallel Venus)