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‘A Reading by Emile Verhaeren’ By Theo van Rysselberghe 1901 {{PD}}

What we don’t see, what is intangible, our values and standards, those things we’ve tried to ignore or deny, what’s wise, what’s practical, conspires to deliver the results that occur with the Superior Conjunction. A ‘thought-seed’, planted at the Inferior Conjunction of Mercury and the Sun during Merc’s retrograde period has grown to maturity–but is that really what we wanted? Today wisdom may masquerade as hurt, and vice versa, it may be too easy to rebel against the things we honor most, actions and choices carry the marks of all that we are avoiding, and the totality of it conspires in the presentation of the final thought-thing first planted in late November 2018. We get the outcome of something relatively major, this time around. Learn from it; don’t be afraid to reverse engineer the results in order to see what was done to create them in the first place.

(Chiron contra-parallel Pallas, Uranus sxt Vesta, Mars sxt Black Moon Lilith, Mercury semi-sq Venus, Superior Conjunction of Mercury and the Sun)

‘Falling Star’ By Witold Pruszkowski 1884 {{PD}}

Today’s word image is bright lights streaking across your vision like falling stars, that may signal vision issues. Is there something beautiful, a little dazzling, that’s happening right in front of you–and have you considered that it might not be benign at all, but a warning that attention is needed?