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‘Did You Speak To Me?’ By William Merritt Chase 1897 {{PD}}

Creative flourishes come easily today, but we can dig deeper using instincts and our inherent abilities and change the reality picture, either to make it beautiful or to make it pay. That’s the key: reach for the Venusian element, know that you have the creative juice to make it happen real-world, and the day delivers much more than it ever could’ve if you’d drifted along, enjoying the ‘nice’.

(Saturn sxt Neptune, Mars opp Zeus, Venus parallel SN/ contra-parallel NN, apex to a Finger of God base of Sedna-Juno and NN)

By Johann Rudolf Schellenberg CC BY 4.0

Today’s word image is an invasion. Is it bugs in your house or garden, uninvited guests, in-laws with their noses in your business, an imposition at work, some area of your life that suddenly isn’t under your control? The important thing to know here is that 1) this isn’t your fault–you did nothing to ‘earn’ this, and 2) don’t wait for rescue–you’re the only one who can do anything about it.