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By Maxim Vorobiev 1841 {{PD}}

How much are you aware of the power you actually hold in the world? Do you spend much time telling yourself you’re powerless in some realm? Do you feel powerless, and spend your time struggling against that? Are you defining power in a way that makes sense, or excuses? I’m asking because today instincts meld seamlessly with the power available to us, and the only way to deploy it is to know your true status, and precisely how much power you are in command of. The usual guidelines just won’t serve: being wise or practical holds little weight, putting ambitions and desires to the side is the only way to choose or act effectively, and skills at our disposal are those that are uniquely our own. It’s as if the day requires we muster those gifts (the ones we’re most excellent with, that only we can do, just so) and use them–and the only way to do that is to know who we are, and what status we hold. (Juno conj Sedna, Pallas contra-parallel Juno, Chiron parallel Juno, Mars contra-parallel Zeus)

Today’s word image is the last Archetype you fantasized being or related strongly to. That’s a window into at least one of your gifts or areas of power.