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‘Il Saltimbanco’ By Antonio Mancini 1879 {{PD}}

The impulses are all in the right direction, as we try to walk a very fine line (or tightrope!) it’s just that influences keep threatening to push us off balance, in one way or another. We’re empowered and in position, but is what we’re aiming for wise? Is the dream healthy or delusional? We love, but even as we contemplate our feelings we are tempted to point out injustices, rage, what’s been ignored, as if it must be righted before the emotion can be fully deployed. What’s the deal, really? Values and priorities are being communicated, loud and clear, but we’re able to hear only in proportion to how much we trust our own instincts and our ability to respond to what we learn. The key may be to be totally, consciously aware of our own woundedness, embracing what our hurt has taught us–that, I think, is where our true power and authority will be found. It’s in awareness of our own distortions that we find good guidelines for objective assessment, for knowing if what we’re doing is right.

(Pallas qnx Juno, Neptune contra-parallel Hygeia, Venus semi-sq Black Moon Lilith, Mercury parallel Vesta, sq Sedna, and qnx NN, Sun nov Chiron and parallel Ceres)

Bringing back ‘Born Today’, for a while, at least! Meant as a few encouraging/ warning words for those enjoying a Solar Return.

Setting the table for your year ahead. Art by Peter Ilsted {{PD}}

Happy Solar Return for those with the Sun at 19 Aquarius! (Evening of the 7th-evening of the 8th Pacific time) It’s all about being prepared to accept the successes the year ahead provides! Highlights are likely to involve myriad opportunities (especially those that allow you to live a dream or goal, or that offer you a chance to share your gifts), chances to travel, or occasions to learn ‘the facts’. Your world expands, and so does your reach. Avoid impulsive or erratic behaviors–it’s not the time to insist on originality or indulge temper–and don’t succumb to the temptation to hide in your wounds. Too, beware any deeply buried Self-destructive urges–the psyche may be inclined to dig them up at the most inopportune times.

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