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A large flower cracker. Two shots taken for 1s duration are stacked together. Photo By Subhrajyoti07 – Own work CC BY-SA 4.0

Most of us won’t be out to deceive anyone, but the atmosphere is such that we end up either overplaying or underplaying our reach, skills, or status and so giving others the wrong impression. The problem with this is that we don’t get the payoff we were aiming for, and it all makes choosing or taking action difficult. Bright spot: Ideas snap like firecrackers. Write them down, just plan to act on them at a time when the flow is smoother.

(Neptune contra-parallel Juno, Venus sq Zeus, Mercury nov Uranus and semi-sq Mars)

Setting the table for your year ahead. Art by Peter Ilsted {{PD}}

Happy Solar Return to those born with the Sun at 02 Pisces! (Sun passes into this degree this year at about 3 PM Pacific of the 20th thru to that time on the 21st–see your birth chart for your Sun degree!) This year you may feel like you’re in ‘drive’ and pressing on the gas, but still have the emergency brake on! Frustration may be a looming background issue the entire year, and in some very real sense, you may think (or believe) that you’ve ‘missed the boat’. Please don’t let this get you down. The reality is that there is a purge going on, one that will remove toxins, unjust conditions, and at the same time will limit your capacity to embark on change. You’ll be able to speak to what you care about most very soon; until then, allow instinct and what you ‘know but don’t know’ to surface to consciousness and guide you on your way.