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‘The Motorist’ By Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec 1898 {{PD}}

Instinctual or reflexive drives are strong and yet we need to be aware they’re tuned to the past, not the present, and as such they don’t serve current impulses but instead draw on blind spots and those things we know but don’t acknowledge–which can be fortuitous, if that knowledge keeps us away from something negative, or can lead us straight into a quagmire of our own making. These instinctive drives are a vital part of the equation needed to make the changes we are hell-bent on making right now, because if we abandon ourselves to impulsiveness or arbitrary action (which is the temptation, should we reject our instincts) we come up with precarious situations in need of fixing that deposit us way off our targets. Embrace change wholeheartedly, but at the same time insist on standards of what’s wise, what’s practical, to measure those changes against. Allow that instinctual input, but run it through that inner filter that tells us whether an option is smart, or not–that’s bound to steer us toward healthier methods of realizing ambitions, as well as toward using only the best the past has to offer.

(SN trine Sedna, Hygeia contra-parallel Zeus, Uranus opp Pallas, Sun nov Pluto, contra-parallel Uranus, and semi-sq Saturn)

Setting the table for your year ahead. Art by Peter Ilsted {{PD}}

Happy Solar Return to those born with the Sun at 01 Pisces! (see your birth chart for your Sun degree!) You may be too conscious of emotional wounds at this point to effectively see the forest for the trees, but it won’t be long before you can let go of a sort of critical fog into which you’ve fallen, and instead deal with real-world problems and obstacles that have plagued you for some time. It doesn’t sound exciting, but it actually is: you’re right now in a position to make some truly perfect plans, the kind that make for sure-fire progress–and once you’re in motion, you’ll find out how empowered you actually are (that’s much more than you think), and how recent, hurtful experiences have set the stage for a new sense of Self, a new confidence, and a more realistic and worldly viewpoint, that will make new efforts, starting just over a month from now, really soar.

The Daily Word Image is a hole in the floor. This is going to make each person think of something different; I recall an old Volkswagen (The People’s Car!) I had years ago, which somehow developed a hole right through the floor on the passenger side. It was a scary, thrilling sensation that looking through that hole as I sped along the freeway gave me–I can still feel it even now–so for me this is a symbol of something a little bit dangerous seeming that isn’t any more dangerous than it ever was, it’s just more visible, more conscious. It was always a risk to drive such a tin-can like vehicle! It was only that, suddenly, I could see how rickety everything really was. So, what’s it mean for you?

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