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Scene from ‘A Midsummer Night’s Dream’ By John Simmons 1873 {{PD}}

The New Moon occurs at 8:04 AM Pacific time at 15 Pisces 47, closely conjoined (but still before perfecting) a meeting with Neptune and Vesta. This ‘announces’ a highly Neptunian experience, one aligned with our commitments and ideals, one that shows us what’s sacred (and perhaps, what’s not). We may see the dream renewed, a new direction, fresh support, or a creative work-around offered by Lunar events. Our imagination is our limit–but that also means, if we are in a bad head space right now, that there’s potential for our fears to dominate, instead, and these may center on changes or loss related to those things to which we are committed, or that we dedicate our energies to. We may fear that new circumstances could cause the old to vanish–and while that’s indeed possible, the way to meet that fear is to look for the advantage to dream realization that the change has to offer–because it absolutely does.

The New Moon happens semi-square Uranus, fresh at 00 Taurus 00, and is still within sextile of Mars and heading toward forming one with Saturn; it also noviles Venus. These feel like contained, ‘small’ events to me, internal or simply serendipitous when external, a kind of poetic set of sparks that say, ‘Surprise! It’s a New World! One where you can gain–and you are poised to act, to choose, and so to change your reality’.

The Sabian for the New Moon is, ‘In The Quiet Of His Study A Creative Individual Experiences A Flow Of Inspiration’. Again, that sense of what occurs being largely internal, inspiring, creative, and very personal. This also suggests that time spent alone, in meditation or just in quiet circumstances may be vital to making the most of the New Moon new beginnings.

From Nuremberg Chronicle

And for those born today, with the Sun at 16 Pisces: The Sun and Moon have just met before moving on to your Solar degree, signaling a kind of new beginning, a refreshing of the emotional perceptions that aligns with who you are right now. The cycle has started, no more than a day or so before your birthday–and so you begin your Solar year ‘fresh’, in some sense–and what a year it will be! You have the opportunity to bring the highest order of your vision/ dream into being–and some of the keys to successful realization will be: 1) taking a new role within ‘the group’, or at least a new attitude toward cooperation, 2) taking great care with your words and always being hyper-aware of the real conditions of agreements and promises, and 3) proceeding as if you have never been hurt. This last condition may be most important of all, the most ‘refreshing’ kind of newness being one that carries no lingering regrets, shadows, upsets, or resentments.