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‘A Young Girl Plucking a Swan’ By Anna Ancher 1900 {{PD}}

We meet a situation today that might have us asking ourselves, how much desire is good for us? It’s a matter of want, appetite, lust, longing, that is so intense we may wonder if it’s healthy–and the answer is it remains a healthy situation only for as long as we are truly empowered within it. As long as we are actually in command of ourselves, we risk nothing. Thinking we have power doesn’t cut it, and something will come along and let us know our idea of our own effectiveness is wrong, the danger with this being that our understanding comes too late to keep us from getting in over our heads. So, know what you want, think in power terms, but don’t act on either, unless the objective is already well within your reach. Not terribly exciting, but safe, guaranteeing you’ll wake up tomorrow with no regrets.

(Hygeia opp and Mars qnx Zeus, Pallas parallel Juno, Mercury sxt Pluto)

Today’s word image is a swan. Did you immediately picture one gliding on a glassy lake, spooning necks with a mate, lifting off gracefully in the air? That isn’t the picture, here: this one is center-table at a Medieval supper, cooked and re-dressed in its natural finery, presented as if alive. Of course, the appropriateness of any scenario changes with the times, and this one is not countenanced at all currently. What thing are you still accepting, because it has a ‘pretty’ surface, that in actuality you consider barbaric, if you just look closely enough?

Setting the table for your year ahead. Art by Peter Ilsted {{PD}}

For those born with the Sun at 26 Pisces (check your natal chart for your Sun degree!) You are super-tuned-in to the unseen this year, to the extent of your overall atunement–that is, the better you are at reading the room, the smarter you’ll be in all your decision-making. You’ll have assistance from the feeling nature which itself will be in strong harmony with the identity and Soul intents, and so the intuition is likely to be spot on. Weakness: overdoing, exaggerating, or ignoring facts will cause some fate-changing events.