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By Ingeborg Westfelt-Eggertz (1855-1936) – http://www.uppsalaauktion.se, Public Domain, https://commons.wikimedia.org/w/index.php?curid=7490846

I want to talk about each set of perfecting contacts today, each as it’s own discrete influence. First: can two measurements, theoretical energy points in space, interact? I suppose so; consider that we measure effects of moving bodies to the places bodies occupied at our time of birth, so why not two places currently unoccupied but considered meaningful? That would be the North Node quincunx Black Moon Lilith. This suggests modifications to our current direction that happen either because we ignore or deny something, or because we are so angry with something, with an injustice, that we can no longer continue as we are. Then there’s a Finger of God, Sun sextile Pallas, both quincunx Sedna, which promises that attention to what’s wise, what’s smart, what’s practical, and/ or to exercise of skills, fine tunes the instincts and puts us on track, informing our efforts with what we ‘know but don’t know’–it just takes trusting and doing as our inner wisdom describes. Mercury conjoins Vesta and sextiles Mars, aligning our thinking, despite the retro, with our highest values–but also implying that once the retro’s over, we may not be happy with the choices or actions we based on current thinking.

I think for each of us, just one or two of these will figure prominently–but which one or two will matter to any one person we are likely unable to pinpoint just yet. So, tuck them all into consciousness, and do your thing–if you need one, it will surely pop up and help you as you go forward.

Today’s word image is looking up and out the window of a church, at the Sun. To me this image speaks of two ways we as humans have recognized divinity, one by actually worshiping the Sun and its gods, and second by building structures dedicated to the divine, supposed symbols of our respect. In what ways do you recognize divinity in your own life? What do you consider sacred, and how do you behave differently with those things than with others? For astro hints, check the state of Vesta in your chart. Here you can see an example of how Vesta can work–

For those born with the Sun at 27 Pisces (check your natal chart for your Sun degree!) It may feel like you’re a little bit alone out there, just dangling in the Cosmos with no safety net–and in a way, you are. That feeling doesn’t last all year, but it’s powerful while it does, and may drive you to do a thing or two you don’t really want to, just to try and break the impasse. Don’t–be patient–because once it breaks open, it breaks open good, offering healing and a kind of emotional reckoning that may be painful but that will ultimately be a huge relief–and so open the way for a whole new way of seeing, doing, and being. Don’t fret–when the time comes, you’ll be guided by equal parts instinct and wisdom–you’ll know exactly what to do.