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‘Conversation Tropiques’ By Paul Gauguin 1887 {{PD}}

There’s a Finger of God with base of Vesta and Mars, apex Pallas–could we ask for a better recipe for wise and practical actions that uphold our highest values? No, we really couldn’t. So there’s that, plus the potential for some really imaginative, creative, and inspired communication/ thinking–but it may spring from conflict with those ‘of status’ (or those who just think they’re in charge of us!) We may see everything from lies meant to outwit the boss to seminal ideas that inadvertently ruffle the establishment. It’s a creative dialogue, with yourself or others, and represents a potential bounty, so use it wisely. We also see the ways that caring about something may conflict with the accuracy of our perceptions of it, and we go out of our way to avoid hurting others–a very nice trend, indeed. Enjoy your Saturday!

(In addition to the Finger, Neptune and Mercury conjoin and square Juno, Venus sq Sedna, Mercury contra-parallel Chiron)

Penang street wall painting at Armenian Street, Drawn by Ernest Zacharevic, Photo By Gp song – Own work CC BY-SA 3.0
File:Penang Street Wall Painting.jpg
Created: 17 November 2012
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Today’s word image is a girl on a bicycle turning the corner. Of course, it’s the phrase ‘turning the corner’ that we fix on. In what way have you turned a corner of late, or is it happening right now? Are you in the midst of a significant change or shift? If so, pay attention, because it’s going to change more, and change things in different ways, than you anticipate. This is a ‘no going back, things will never be the same’ kind of shift, so take it seriously.

Setting the table for your year ahead. Art by Peter Ilsted {{PD}}

For those born with the Sun at 03 Aries (check your natal chart for your Sun degree!) I’m very happy to say, Aries, you have the magic touch this year, with Love, or Money, or maybe both. With a little effort, you can make what you want a reality. It’s all about making smart moves that don’t throw a wrench in your current life direction (because it’s a pretty valid path you’ve mapped out and are traveling, at the moment, highly reflective of your actual wants and needs), and about honoring instincts and priorities. And there’s two more things that will insure your Solar year, through to your next birthday, goes swimmingly: be ‘married’ to ‘the facts’ (no delusions allowed), and, though this may be very unusual for you, get out there and be social, not in an ironic, too-cool-for-school way, but in a genuine way that seeks only to enjoy the company of others (which means no snark and avoid overt judgments). Now, go have fun!