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‘Girl with a Broom’ From the Workshop of Rembrandt c1647 {{PD}}

Our creative urges are aligned with our highest priorities, and our originality, along with serendipitous accidents (but there are no accidents, right?) serve our empowerment–so what could go wrong? Maybe it’s that we’ll want too much, or maybe that we’ll insist everyone ignore something better faced. No matter what, there’s a strong undercurrent to everything that easily sweeps the unwary into fantasy, delusion, deception, or just plain misunderstanding–so proceed with care, eyes on how best to express your unique point-of-view.

(Neptune parallel Vesta, Uranus parallel Juno, Jupiter qnx NN, Mars sq Black Moon Lilith, Venus contra-parallel Pallas, Merc conj Neptune)

Today’s word image is a mirror that’s lost its silver, and now doesn’t reflect anything. What have you been relying on to give you feedback or a clear picture of the world, that just isn’t working, anymore? Look around for the person or thing not functioning as advertised, and consider what, if anything, it’s good for now.

Setting the table for your year ahead. Art by Peter Ilsted {{PD}}

For those born with the Sun at 04 Aries (check your natal chart for your Sun degree!) Recent days may have been rougher emotionally than expected, but that’s soon to smooth out, dear Aries. And here’s another thing you’ll wrestle with that you didn’t anticipate: the desire to change the past, out of the mistaken idea that you can’t go forward until you do. That just doesn’t compute–letting go of the past is what’s needed, not some kind of mass lobotomy in everyone around you in that time and place. Here’s a secret: they don’t really remember what’s causing you so much pain (shame?), and those who do don’t remember it as you do. So, past problem solved. Once you sort this, you’ll be ready to connect actions and choices with your instincts, which are on the money this year, once you get out of your own way, and once you realize there’s a big wide world out there, and most of it is indifferent to your past, and wants to support you.