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‘The Tower of Babel’ By Pieter Bruegel the Elder 1563 {{PD}}

The 30th is a Good Day To . . . be aware. Obvious, right? That’s something we’re always trying to do, but today it’s especially important to be conscious of what’s roiling beneath the surface–particularly below the surface of your own mind.

The interweaving of contacts is noteworthy, with a stationary Mercury caught up to and conjoined by Venus in Scorpio, with both opposed Sedna and novile Mars, and then throw in Mercury’s parallel to Pluto. The scenario is one of a becalmed mind filled with a stark and terrible beauty, one that aligns with and reflects our deepest held fears, angers, and hopes, especially those attuned to change, re-birth, and the re-making of our world. Too, this mental outlook rejects the instinctual nature and those things we ‘know but don’t know’; the result may be that rather than this being an entirely contained, individual experience, it is externalized, with other people, circumstances, and events taking on some of the parts. Thinking, then, may be a heavy pastime, one where we chase the same thoughts round and round–or one where we are inspired by relationships, beauty, even financial gain, but find it hard to plot a path forward, so alienated are we from our own instinctual responses, and this is so even as we are moved to act or choose in some pretty amazing, clever, or inventive ways. So, when Merc retrogrades, we may find ourselves in a really good position, without being entirely aware of how we got there! Or we could find we’ve ‘cart before the horse’-d it, and take our revisions from there.

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A Good Day To . . . is based on the aspects perfecting on each day, Pacific time.