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‘Les Bretonnes aux Ombrelles’ By Émile Bernard 1892 {{PD}}

The 31st is a Good Day To . . . embrace the dark mental precipice we’ve plunged over with Merc’s turnaround in Scorpio. The Messenger’s reversal of apparent direction in Water may make us question our feelings, may make us obsess over a love (or hate) relationship, may make us insist on getting to the bottom of a mystery, may compel us to anxiously shout the question, ‘What’s in the box?’–in short, it will prompt thoughts and situations that ignite a persistent desire to reach an emotional conclusion by taking a deep dive. We assess the subjects of the House in the natal chart where the reversal occurs in light of how we feel–and if we’ve got it together, we use the retro period to make plans to change matters so they better align with how we’d like to feel. It’s a period when we can re-make the life to suit the emotional nature–or at least modify it so that we find a sense of satisfaction in some Scorpio related area, either in the largest way (through subjects that fall under the sign) or through matters of the House placement unique to us and pinpointed by the natal chart.

It’s important to note that, particularly today, we can plan or communicate in ways that lay out great actions or choices to be made in future–and it’s also a day when we can benefit by making the most of current roles, status, or empowerment options. We thrive on Self-responsibility, and we reach the end of the day having modified our beliefs or our social role so that it’s much healthier for us.

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A Good Day To . . . is based on the aspects perfecting on each day, Pacific time.