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‘Moonrise’ By George Inness 1887 {{PD}}

Just a few notes about today, to add to the Full Moon influence:

It doesn’t take a genius (or even an astrologer!) to tell you that change, and the need to take action (even if that action is a withholding, a form of ‘sheltering-in-place’, physical, psychic, or otherwise) are the order of the day. The thing is, change is happening and much of it is outside our control; that means that in order to not just cope, but to thrive, we need to exercise as much control within our own purview as we possibly can. Repeatedly, studies have shown that taking even small actions in situations where we are largely helpless can give us a sense of empowerment, and can bolster our immune system as well as our mental and emotional health, and so help us survive–and in this case, the current astrological picture supports this approach whole-heartedly.

Embrace the reality of things (we don’t do ourselves any favors right now living in a fantasy or pretending that we can just go on in the same ways as always), and act based on facts and within the restrictions of the situation–obvious, but easy to forget when anxiety takes over. Focus should be in two areas: making changes to enhance health (obvs!) and listening to the instinctual, the unspoken, and making the effort to read between the lines, figuratively speaking, and then be willing to see the import of what’s not there, not stated, not coming forward. That’s where both information and empowerment on a personal level lie.

Stay safe, have a lovely Full Moon!