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‘Triad Brilliant, Passaic River Hills’ By Oscar Bluemner 1932 {{PD}}

The 8th is a Good Day To . . . play around with the (sometimes brilliant) ideas the Full Moon has prompted, and in particular, if you can apply smart action to the current situation, you can enjoy a certain amount of healing and/ or will find where and how you can utilize a ‘gift’ that’s specific to you and your experience.

By the 9th we find we are in the groove, with instincts flowing freely and guiding our efforts and the focus of our attention, and yet, there are some cautions: overdoing or going overboard endangers the careful balance behind the health picture; ambitions either meet resistance (externally) or you find yourself battling within, insisting on a certain course of action when the Universe is trying hard to show you just how the ambition picture in its current form, if realized, will short-change you; and take note of dissonances as you go about your day, as these will show you exactly where and how what you’re considering or attempting violates your highest values. It will likely feel as if there’s no reason not to take that step or do that thing, but that jangly inner warning lets you know that there’s danger ahead if you proceed. So, it’s a day of optimism and progress that requires your attention to and willingness to modify choices so that you don’t hit an unanticipated brick wall down the road.

On the 10th, you remember those changes you were asked to make? Did you make them? Because if you did, action and choice will easily align with values, and so propel efforts forward. The one thing you shouldn’t look for right now is a boost in personal power, or a reward/ pay off–neither is ripe yet, so collecting those fruits now will just give you a tummy ache later (sorry for the fruit metaphor). Expect what happens today to re-orient thinking along more Self-responsible, and more action-centered lines, and be kind to yourself: life is a process, and you’re already at your destination: you have a body, don’t you? So relax, it’s all on track.

And you may want to note that Pluto will retrograde on the 25th. Though normally the apparent turnaround of a heavy like Pluto is felt more as a ‘background shift’, in this case we should take note of the House it’s transiting and the House it rules. We may experience a bit of an earthquake, as this reveals some deterioration or destruction we were unaware of (or at least, we were unaware of the extent of). No need to fear it, just prep now for the change that will, inevitably, come.

A Good Day To . . . is based on the aspects perfecting on each day, Pacific time.

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