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Ceres is prominent, right now. ‘Ceres ou l’été’ By Jean-Antoine Watteau 1717-18 {{PD}}

The 11th is a Good Day To . . . consider, face, and deal with questions surrounding your rights and your power expression. You need to know how far you can reach without overextending, and you need to get past some Self-imposed blocks arising from old wounds. Doing this in itself is empowering, and helps each of us answer in real-world terms the problems we currently face in moving forward. Successfully carrying all that’s worthy from the past and translating this into usable energy with which to shape the future is the challenge right now; we meet it with clear, reality-oriented thinking that refuses to shy away from the way things are.

It’s also a good time to examine what you’re ingesting, both in the form of food and mentally/ emotionally. Sensitive reactions to intake of all kinds are a loud-and-clear message that some things must be eliminated or avoided, for optimal health.

A Good Day To . . . is based on the aspects perfecting on each day, Pacific time.

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