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‘On the Balcony’ By John William Godward 1911 {{PD}}

The 17th Is A Good Day To . . . look at why it appears what we see as wise or practical doesn’t seem to serve ambition fulfillment. We want what we want, possibly quite intensely, and we make the assumption that doing smart things, things that are ‘safe’ and that are well-considered and low risk, should bring us what we desire–but not today. We reach for something, and it moves farther away! That’s because we are acting in only partial integrity–upright and honest as far as it goes, but conveniently leaving out some things we’d rather ignore or deny–and it’s only in facing those that we have a chance in hell at grabbing the brass ring. Acknowledge what is, warts and all, and you’ll be able to move forward very effectively, as the wisdom we’re calling on for guidance will then be truly wise, and truly complete.

A Good Day To . . . is based on the aspects perfecting on each day, Pacific time.