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‘Dreams’ By Ellen Montalba 1880s {{PD}}

The 27th Is A Good Day To . . . profit from, share, or invest in the Creative and/ or the Ideals. Dreams come True–or do they? It’s a day when our positive fantasies come to life, our dream of Money or Love may materialize, or what we’ve imagined we’d love appears, happens, or we finally have the opportunity to engage in–and we may suddenly be faced with the way fulfilling our desires isn’t what we thought it would be. It’s not that we find out we don’t want what we dreamed of–instead it’s that when we get it we see that it doesn’t actually support our ambitions, that it adds complications to the desire picture, that it throws up impediments to our goals, that it brings forward conflicts we didn’t anticipate, or in some other way doesn’t serve what we’ve been aiming for. The question then is, which needs adjustment, our ambitions or our dreams?

There’s something else important here of which we should take note: when we hold contradictory dreams, imaginings, goals, or even entertain and relate to contradictory beliefs or standards, we set up a dynamic that almost guarantees both internal dissonance and difficulty creating what we want. We can hold the recognition that something can be two things at once, and we can accept that, without causing friction; it’s when we hold two contradicting absolutes in our minds that trouble occurs. If we dream of a life of freelance mountain climbing with no fixed address but also want a life shared day in and day out with our family and to nest at home, we find that these dreams don’t support each other: we find we can’t live a life of ‘no strings’ and also have all the ‘strings’ that come with intimate involvement in family life and the making of a home.

Or something like this: we believe we are good because we are a follower of ‘X’, which/ who teaches that killing is wrong–and yet we’re okay with killing when we judge someone to have broken another of X’s dictates, or even when someone else has broken that prohibition against killing–suddenly we think we should have the power to punish for the offense–but then that makes us killers, too. How can we still judge ourselves to be adherents to our faith (and therefore ‘good’) if we don’t follow the rules (no matter how good we judge the excuse to break them to be)? Therein lies the conflict, one we may successfully ignore for a long time.

Carrying these kind of contradictory intentions/ standards can have the overall effect of creating drag on our ability to accomplish, beyond any internal discord we may feel (and often this discord exists inside us consciously undetected). Influences like those we are under today can bring out the contradictions, the discord, or can present us with certain clashes within our own presumptions, beliefs, or expectations that can (but no longer should) be ignored.

For a few of us, today will feature a major deception or misperception centered in Love or Money; for some others it brings something that feels like ‘True Love’, and to you I say, Enjoy it! Time will tell whether it’s actually the dream situation it seems to be–and I genuinely hope it is.

ZEUS TAPINAĞI Photo By Ali Hakan İlban CC BY-SA 4.0

(To help you understand what’s happening today, the newly perfected aspects are Venus trine Neptune and square Zeus, and Sun semi-sq Zeus. For those unfamiliar, Zeus signifies our ambitions, our desires, our lusts, even, and a certain hubris that accompanies a passionate insistence that our want justifies our taking–think of Zeus swooping down on any number of individuals in order to sate his appetites, many times deceiving in order to fulfill his desire. Zeus also reps the kind of passion that drives a dream, that helps us set goals, that keeps us moving forward. When you read it in a chart, keep in mind both the positive, hard-working ambition to make things better and to achieve, and the pushy arrogance and inclination to just take what’s wanted–either, or both alternately, can be at work. Too, Zeus may carry an added potential relating to someone who holds power such that an individual seeks to access power through relationship to, often when the kind of power desired would be unavailable to the individual otherwise. See a brief example of this here)

A Good Day To . . . is based on the aspects perfecting on each day, Pacific time.