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‘Summer Night’ By Eilif Peterssen 1886 {{PD}}

The 11th Is A Good Day To . . . use relationships with those in power to reach your own power ends. Sounds ruthless, doesn’t it? What we’re really talking about is strategically leveraging relationships in a way (and this is really important) that is respectful of both positions and also doesn’t begrudge the other something they can use, as well. Too often we go into negotiations with someone we see as having superior power believing that we deserve something, but they don’t deserve anything, because we judge them to already have ‘more’. We forget that to get others to share their power to benefit us there must be something positive (even if it’s just a good feeling at doing the ‘right’ thing) in it for the other party–and that acknowledging the worthiness of others (even when we don’t agree with it, or don’t agree that they should have what they have) is basic to seeing everyone as worthy–it’s our belief in judgment, in thinking we get to make the call, that poisons many power related interactions.

We’re aided today in a number of ways; here are the potential boosts and cautions: we may be driven by wounds we’ve hidden (even from ourselves) and by those matters that hurt but that we are in denial of–luckily, there’s a real-world mechanism that may throw up barriers to us proceeding that can save us from ourselves–so the moral is, if something stops us from going forward, we’re being rescued from a move based on unsound motivations; we’re clear-eyed today, but that may not allow crisp mental reasoning–instead, try accessing Truths through vetting circumstances against ideals, by exercising the imagination, and by tapping into your own creativity, as well as enjoying creative manifestations from others.

A Good Day To . . . is based on the aspects perfecting on each day, Pacific time.

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