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‘Jupiter’ By Hans Thoma {{PD}}

The 12th Is A Good Day To . . . see that the powers-that-be are offering you something good–it might take a little effort, a little hard work, but you’re being dealt into the game–and to refuse to play, for whatever reason, will be like shooting yourself in the foot–you can blame it on someone else, but you picked up the gun and pulled the trigger. It’s a day when you really don’t want any of the typical excuses we as individuals use to avoid engagement with others, that stop us uncritically applying ourselves, or that make us feel righteous in withdrawing from the social expectations or larger public arena, from ruining what could be a genuine and highly fruitful opportunity. We have to be ready to accept new ideas into our thought-bubble, to adapt to fresh information or surprises, to proactively shape the aftermath of an accident or revelation to make the most of it–but doing so will benefit us in large and largely unanticipated ways.

So much of this is connected to Jupiter’s turnaround in Capricorn, freeing up the generous impulses of those empowered by the status quo, benefiting those who follow the rules (or those who previously balked at them, and now find the rules are changing in their favor). The first aspect Jupiter will move forward to form is a sextile to Neptune, signaling that it’s the season for creative endeavor, especially when that’s centered in hard work and serious effort, but also that it may be easy to succumb to the fabled ‘alternative facts’ if we aren’t committed to reality in an unbiased way.

A Good Day To . . . is based on the aspects perfecting on each day, Pacific time.

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