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‘Park in Autumn’ By
Michał Gorstkin-Wywiórski c1900 {{PD}}

Just a peek ahead at what to expect:

Today, the 26th, we have a Moon-Neptune conjunction by late PDT, but that’s not the thing that draws my attention; I’m concerned with a sextile of Pallas-Neptune, with Mars still close in square to Pallas. The Moon proceeding to conjunction with Neptune later today only adds emotion and possibly unsettling intuitions to what is already promised: unwise actions (Pallas sq Mars) based on delusion, fantasy, or misperception (Neptune). Add the Sun’s sesquiquadrate to Neptune, and we see that all eyes will be on an array of misbegotten, confusing, and downright untrue choices, actions and events–and all we can do is hope that a Venus trine to Sedna and quincunx Ceres, and Mercury sextile Vesta, will allow at least some of us to heed our own inner knowing and values (if we can accept our own authority), and avoid the illusory nature of what others may try to choose for us (I’m talking to you, US Senate, as against the will of the majority you go forward with a very unwise Supreme Court confirmation–and ‘unwise’ isn’t just my opinion; every single thing involved with this should warn them off proceeding, not just because of Mars and Mercury both retrograde, but also by the symbolism of the real-life super-spreader event that was her nomination announcement).

And almost immediately, those who chose to act on the 26th will have some regrets by the 27th! Let’s just say that some will suddenly realize what they’ve done, in two ways: it will become apparent that choices and actions actually conflict with highest values (Mars sesq Vesta), and that feedback from others puts the spotlight on what we’ve ignored or denied in order to get to this point (Venus and Mercury enter Libra, the latter opp Black Moon Lilith). Trusting our own personal sense of authority, honoring our right to be and to run our own lives, will allow for some inspiring and brilliant perceptions–and keep us out of the muck, for now (Pallas nov Ceres).

On the 28th standing in our own light, honoring ourselves as worthy, brings problems in relationships, but it must be done–even if it hurts (Venus qnx BML, Mercury trine Ceres, Sun contra-parallel Vesta, sesq NN, and qnx Chiron).

The 29th we’d be smart to allow things we’ve buried or hidden, even from ourselves, to inform (and so adjust) thinking. Right now the facts or even our beliefs will only take us so far–we need to see our world, warts and all, in order to succeed (BML parallel Sedna, Jupiter qnx NN, Merc qnx Sedna).

Friday the 30th we have a challenge before us: honor and accept who we are and the responsibilities we hold, especially those things that are unique and original to and about us–we excel in relationships and/ or financial matters if we do–or pay the psychological piper with inner discord if we don’t (Juno contra-parallel Sedna, Venus nov Juno, Sun contra-parallel Uranus).

On the 31st we have a Full Moon (report to follow in a separate post), and we’re offered a unique opportunity in a deja vu sort of way: again, if we will honor our uniqueness and autonomy, and the responsibilities to act with integrity and to create that these imbue us with, we can heal in important ways (Mars parallel Chiron, Sun opp Uranus).

Vintage postcard {{PD}}

It’s a week to act with integrity, to trust ourselves, and to refuse to be fooled or misled–so, like a regular week! Have a great one, and Happy Halloween thinning-of-the-veil!