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‘The Nativity’ By Ghirlandaio, Domenico c1480 {{PD}}

The Full Moon occurs at 7:49 AM PDT at 8 Taurus 38 on the last day of October. This happens just three minutes short of perfection of a conjunction with backward-barreling Uranus, imbuing the whole event with a sense of ‘Ah-ha!’ completion, and not a little potential for shock, surprise, awe, and unintended consequences or events, including accidents. Revelation is the order of the day, and it’s our job to find the meaning behind what the Full Moon brings to completion or ending, or to truly see what events show us, especially in terms of Higher Mind or in insight concerning our own individual emotional nature.

A Full Taurus Moon suggests change in the material circumstances, resources, comfort level, surroundings, available skill sets, and in the sense of security we enjoy (or lack). Other than the close and compelling contact to the planet of disruption, invention, and revolution, there is only one even reasonably close aspect, a loose novile to the North Node point. Of course what happens at the Full Moon shapes the future! That doesn’t tell us anything–or does it? Contact with the Nodal point suggests the extremes of emotion we might experience at any one time; for Luna, contact to its own Node is like looking in a mirror, one that reflects back the extent to which this Lunar event might prompt extremes of feeling, which may be reactionary (in response to something outside ourselves) or internal (in response to revelations about the Self or the Self in relation to the group). Add that a Full Moon brings Earth and Moon together, and that this event is in Taurus this time, magnifies the way in which the feelings will reflect the environment and particularly one’s perceptions of it, and vice versa, the way the emotional reactions will frame perceptions of and experiences of the environment.

I’ve seen a number of people say that they believe this Full Moon will be comforting, soothing, but I can’t agree, although there’s the possibility that the Uranian influence does bring a kind of other-shoe-dropping relief, possibly delivering something tensely anticipated for a while now. I think going automatically to a ‘comfort’ assumption may be a slight misreading due to the things we can typically count on: 1) that a Full Moon brings endings, and so some closure, and 2) that Taurus automatically means what comes about is comforting. We shouldn’t discount the way loss may figure in to any ending, as well as needing to remain aware that the opposite of comfort and security are just as much a part of the Taurean experience as are facets that are artisanal, nourishing, and soothing.

One thing we should keep in mind is that the intellect may perform in erratic fashion at this point, changing on momentary input and then changing further, and so might the actual surroundings–all we can be sure of is that our feelings about ourselves and about the various groups to which we belong will undergo extremes, and that may involve vacillation, which suggests that we’d do well to let the dust settle before we draw any firm conclusions from events, material results, or our own reaction to them.

The Full Moon Sabian is, ‘A Fully Decorated Christmas Tree’. There are two most likely scenarios that this may represent: the celebration of a symbolic ‘birth’, one that stands for our faith in something or someone, or one that promises a new beginning or even a kind of forgiveness, or a literal marker for Full Moon results that will manifest around holiday time. In the former case we’re looking at something along the lines of a start that offers a renewal of hope (and maybe anticipation of the receiving of gifts or rewards) that arises from something drawing to conclusion with the Full Moon–an ending that makes room for a new beginning–or if Uranus is prominently involved, the end of one revolution and the beginning of another; this also suggests that there will be a Taurean-themed material component to what occurs. In the case of the latter, we can mark our calendars for any ‘incompletes’ that come forward with the Full Moon, knowing that results will be delivered before the New Year.

For a Full Moon we also look at the Sun’s Sabian, since the Solar orb is the source of all light and a symbol of the conscious/ overt energies in play at this time. The Sun’s is, ‘A Dentist At Work’, suggesting that what occurs at the Full Moon was prompted by our own attention to ‘fixing’ or doing vital work on some important part of our lives. It also summons Saturn (teeth, bones, discipline and hard work) to the table, and at the Full Moon we see an approaching square between Saturn and Mercury as the latter moves in retrograde. This may imply conflict with others (Libra) over rules, or over what’s necessary (Capricorn) may kick off the surprises and extremes of the Full Moon, and that these will have material consequences. Look, then, to the Saturnian practices or places in your own life for the genesis of Full Moon events.

And have a wonderful, safe, and spooky weekend!