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By Étienne Léopold Trouvelot 1882 Buy prints of his extraordinary work at https://publicdomainreview.org/collection/the-trouvelot-astronomical-drawings-1882

The upcoming eclipse is a Full Moon at 8 Gemini 38 at 1:26 AM PST of the 30th, and as with every Full Moon, we’re likely already feeling a building tension, attached to some matter either in the natal House where the eclipse occurs, or in some Lunar-related area of our lives (and that can be something involving your Lunar placement, something ruled by the Moon in the natal chart, or a Lunar topic in general, such as mothering, intuition, or nurture). This one, though, being an eclipse, brings a wipe-out to some kind of thinking that has become outmoded, shakes up ideas or perceptions, likely through difficult, unusual, shocking events, because of assertions by ‘the group’, or through accidents, serendipities, or sudden insights provided by Higher Mind (the Sun, which is of course opposed the eclipse and the illuminator of the Moon, quincunx to Uranus). With Full Moon events we alter our thinking or perceptions because of emotional or intuitive ‘enlightenment’ of one kind or another.

The eclipse is apex to a loose Fist of God with base of Pluto-Zeus, suggesting that eclipse revelations (another Uranian concept!) may bring resolution to conflicts between ambitions and desires (Zeus) and matters of Power (Pluto), now held, recently lost, or currently sought. It’s an equation arising from clashes, upset as catalyst to an answer that doesn’t just allow emotional satisfaction or relief, but that changes how we think, how we process ideas of Power and our own wants, as well.

If we really want to be loose with our numbers (and who doesn’t, once in a while, in the name of recognizing the flow of energy?) we can find the eclipse as part of the base of a Finger of God with a wide sextile to Chiron, apex a Venus that’s not really quincunx Chiron, but is linked via the Lunar event. The Finger implies if we can heal something about our own ego, our expression of Will, our actions and choices (which might mean forgiving ourselves for something we’ve done), or heal some concept we have around our own aloneness, whether literal or existential (all Aries, linked to Chiron’s current location), and do this in tandem with or prompted by eclipse events, then we can harmonize some schism, unite in relationship or via aesthetics, or discover some vital Truth (Venus in Scorpio).

Our Sabian for the Full Moon is, ‘A Quiver Filled With Arrows‘. The events of this eclipse arm us, give us plenty of chances to ‘hit the target’; whatever occurs, then, offers a kind of resource, something that facilitates our own activity. The Sun, light-giver and reason for the apparent eclipse phenomenon in the first place, has the Sabian, ‘A Mother Leads Her Small Child Step By Step Up A Steep Stairway’. Are we the mother, or the small child? I see this as the Universe being the mother, showing us the way, assisting us as we try to do better, as we try to climb. That means, then, that if you are knocked back a bit by eclipse events, that the larger flow is telling you that whatever you were trying or after isn’t for you–at least not right now. Taking a warning is always better than ignoring one, wouldn’t you agree?

For a little something on possible effects of eclipse contact to your natal chart, you can take a look here–

Before the Eclipse

The 25th-29th brings hurtful thinking (or possibly thinking that works at solving the kinks inherent to utilizing our skills), but also circumstances that firmly support our personal authority and expression, and this sets a success dynamic in place through the eclipse. If we dwell on slights we short-circuit the positive impetus, but if we examine hurt in light of how to heal, how to prevent further damage, and/ or for the part we played in its creation, we empower ourselves significantly, and open the door to both skill utilization and surrounding conditions that facilitate our intents.

Look at it like this: there’s a lot of good mojo available to those who 1) aren’t afraid of their own power, and at the same time willingly embrace genuine responsibility (and that latter is as opposed to saying one is responsible but not actually dealing with a matter); 2) those who actively value the most original and unique parts of themselves (and by extension, who accept those things in others); 3) who wield power in areas that are specifically appropriate to who and what they are (in the largest, Universal sense, not in the worldly ‘labels and qualifications’ kind); and 4) those who are both honest with themselves AND able to listen to instincts (being honest means the instincts are indeed instincts–not wishful thinking or personal propaganda–and so can be trusted). Center efforts on something meaningful to you at a Soul level, and you just might make significant progress at this time.

During this period we also see Neptune turn around in his home sign of Pisces (late afternoon PST of the 28th)–and he does so poised to make his first contact (excluding Lunar ones) by square to the Nodal axis. That suggests we all might get a dose of reality through our efforts to either move forward (NN), resolve the past (SN), or in trying to maintain continuity of past circumstances into the future (SN/NN axis). Generally, this direction should ‘lift the fog’, or otherwise allow more access to the creative (but also, make the pitfalls of the deceptive or deceitful more prominent, and so more difficult to recognize, as well).

Have yourself a merry little Thanksgiving!