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By Adi Holzer, Attribution, https://commons.wikimedia.org/w/index.php?curid=12334453

What the heck is up?! Chaotic energies vie with sure-footed ones for most of the week, making for a mix of decisiveness and sheer anarchy. On the 22nd this looks like an alignment of practical, wise approaches to healing (Chiron sxt Pallas), efforts guided by highest values (Mars parallel Vesta), and originality and inventiveness that gains by looking into the dark corners or dealing with what we’d rather not (Uranus conj Black Moon Lilith). But, this latter might also fuel unreliability and rebellion rooted in avoidance, and relationships, no matter how normally benign, will engage in power contests–even, or most especially, when we think we’re not (Venus sesq Mars, semi-sq Pluto, sq Ceres). Conscious attention to everything we do, particularly to our input in interactions, is necessary to keep it all from tumbling down.

The 23rd temper and hurtful words are on the agenda–and again, we may not realize that’s what’s happening until the speech flies from our mouth or the email is already sent! Actions are likely to be destructive even when that’s not our intention. Best use of energy is in deliberately taking on something you want to dismantle, change, transform–focusing on that will keep us sane and help us successfully tackle something we might at other times not have the energy for, so with care, this can be a win/ win (Mars sq Pluto, Mercury sq Chiron).

The 24th offers originality of thought, that spark of inventiveness, spontaneity and a wealth of ideas–especially how each of us as individuals can best fit in with the larger group. Make the most of it (Merc trine Uranus).

This is Christmas Eve, for those who celebrate this holiday, and it’s noteworthy that, astrologically, in this time of clustered forecasts, December 25th gets its own entry–so this is likely to be a day ‘felt’ distinctly by everyone, irregardless of affiliations or ceremony. The 25th to follow!