By A. Duro/ESO –, CC BY 4.0,

I’m not quite sure why this particular day stands out so distinctly from the others for me–but I’ve learned to listen when that happens, and to share, so that those who happen to read what I’ve written (for nothing’s accidental, is it?) can be alerted to the unusual nature of things, too. Will what happens be the same for everyone? Of course not–it never is–but the broad strokes will be interpreted through the lens of our lives, our circumstances, and so take a unique but overall recognizable shape for each one of us.

There’s something I want to describe as ‘healthy’ in the air. It’s a calming and reassuring influence, an energy of hope–but it isn’t without a bittersweet tinge; let me explain. We see where we are empowered to make our wishes reality, we see clever, inspired means to fulfill desires and goals (Juno nov Zeus), we see our own personal authority and rights clearly, and think constructively in power situations (Merc trine Ceres), and the reality picture is packed with optimistic circumstances and positive opportunities (Jupiter parallel Saturn). Those conditions would make anyone feel pretty positive, right? So it’s something to savor, despite the way so many of us are unable to see and spend time with those we love; we have to accept that the separation is temporary, and if we believe that all is orchestrated with purpose, we see that this time (and maybe most of this past year) has been about discovering, in a very real way, who we are.

The one thing to beware of today is our own sensitivity (Sun sq Chiron); it may overwhelm, as we are conscious of and even attendant to our own hurt, to include the bittersweet changes to the holiday routine, where we remember, think of, and mourn others with special tenderness. Be mindful of all that you have, think with love about all that’s been lost, and know that 2020 was a necessary journey of Self-discovery, no matter how random, chaotic, or arbitrary it seems to have been.

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