‘The Dance of Spring’ By Edward Atkinson Hornel c1891 {{PD}}

I’m stepping away from the computer for a few days. See the Full Moon report here, a bit on the meeting of Jupiter and Neptune, and a few thoughts on Chiron here. Please be aware that any comments, questions, and any orders made through the Press will only be filled when I’m back online, in less than a week. Have an enjoyable and safe Full Moon, and a generally happy existence–until we meet again!

This Week’s Word Image is a terrarium, as a miniature world. What would you place in one? Would it be delicate plants that need a careful balance between humidity and air flow? Would it be filled by a scene made from inanimate objects, figures, a rockery, that wouldn’t need any care at all? Would it contain succulents or cactus, so that it contains living things that need almost no attention? Would it be filled with exotic specimens or tiny plants from the store or miniature things you dig up from your own yard? Would it mimic a beach, say, or a shaded forest, or a manicured garden? Imagine your terrarium, and then consider some of the symbolic meanings possible: water and its state translates as emotion, with the terrarium your way of containing it; air flow is thought, openness to what blows in to your world, and comfort or discomfort with change, especially emotional change; a container filled with inanimate objects may suggest you are uncomfortable with the need to be responsive in the way that living things would require, or that you hesitate to take on that responsibility (“I kill every plant I touch!”) for fear of not living up to its needs (so issues around nurture, or fear of your own inadequacy in a demanding situation, especially one where others depend on you); a container that holds a miniature desert might suggest you want to keep things tidy, objective, or that you expect the elements of your world to take care of themselves, leaving you with all your energy (and there’s nothing wrong with choosing to keep your energy for yourself–more of us should have such good boundaries!) There are lots of ways your imagined world can speak about you, and to you, letting you know a little about your outlook, your fears, and your expectations.

Terrarium with hedgehog skull, some moss and drosera plants.


Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 4.0