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3 AM PST and the Virgo Moon opposes lovely Piscean Venus, suggesting the emotions detach from their relationship roots and sit ‘out there.’ Feelings of alienation, wishing to be part of the larger scene (Pisces), and a too-critical stance toward the love object, one’s finances, or one’s talents is likely. It’s just a blip, so ride it out. By 8 AM PST the Moon opposes Uranus and our attention turns to the group or to expressing our own individuality, but take care; we may be too critical of our own creations and ideas, and we may think the group can’t keep up–and they’ll surprise us. At the same time the Moon squares Ceres, making us feel prickly toward authority and perhaps upsetting digestion and allergies–Mother Nature sees fit to stir up the morning hours (and lots of pollen).

Earth and Moon courtesy of NASA

By 10 AM PST the Virgo Moon quicunxes Neptune, giving us pause and the need to sort real from imaginary (or truth from deceit), and by 11 AM PST the Moon’s quincunx to Chiron says we may be fixed on hurt or on trying to heal. Shortly thereafter the Void begins, and we while away the time until the Moon enters Libra at 4:31 PM PST and immediately sextiles Mars at 00–bam! anger and aggression jump forward in relationships–though exchanges are wreathed in smiles and ‘please’ we will still feel the Martian energy coming at us (of from us). Even those who don’t think they have a beef will become relationship pugilists, and will probably be fighting (irony alert!) in the name of love. And, we won’t be shy about communicating our irritation–Moon quincunxes Mercury–just try to keep us from speaking out!

By 6 PM the Moon is within quincunx to Juno, as well, and that creates a Finger of God with Moon apex and Mercury and Juno as arms. This says that empowerment efforts and communciation issues combine and find expression through feeling–great for jazz musicians, public speakers, fundraisers, and preachers, among others–time communication efforts for this period and ‘impassioned’ will be the word used to describe you.

By 8 PM PST the Moon is tight with Saturn, and since Saturn is in his exaltation in Libra, we might see a need to make emotions manifest (rather than the clamping down on emotion we might otherwise expect). This is a creative aspect we can all take advantage of, if only to translate our emotional needs into an understanding of the kind of environment and relationships we truly require.

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