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Mars, of course, is raw at 00 Scorpio, but honestly, I didn’t anticipate how much energy would’ve built to this point when I did the forecast (so since I don’t always get it perfect, maybe you shouldn’t buy ECLIPSE!  http://dogandsunflower.wordpress.com/new-summer-2010-eclipse/ Though it does have pretty pictures, and articles on Pluto, the 6th, and more! And I’d still want the Venus retro material and the lowdown on the upcoming Cardinal Point Moon!) Today seems to be a watershed for this build-up, but it’s only a plateau–we see tension, force, and deliberateness (for this seems the most fitting word) in what’s accrued, but this is just the beginning of the change.

For most of us, it’s one form of turmoil or another–so I have to blame it all on the Cardinal Cross energies, and the still-barely-not-quite-in-place T– and the entry of the Moon to Capricorn later today, and its meeting with Pluto. I think the Lunar energy has done a version of its old school horary skill, Translation and Collection of Light, grabbing the blast of Uranus/ Jupiter as it squares them (they’re subdued now, and yet maybe more dangerous, poised as they are ‘below the surface’ in Pisces–yes, I’m talking about that Laurel and Hardy of the sky–is anyone as old as I, with a memory of those two comedians?–Jupiter a rotund Hardy, feeling like the brains of the outfit, bossing the actually brighter Laurel, who’s having a high-strung Uranian breakdown when his idea doesn’t prevail–and isn’t that when things snap, when one rebels or strikes quick as lightning, when the energy is frustrated and, I’m thinking, betrayed–because that’s what I’m seeing all around me, individuals who have been done wrong, it’s coming to light, and now we’re hearing the gentle ‘click’ of the chamber enclosing the bullet–they are getting ready to address the situation).

The thing for all of us to know is: this is not the end, we are not at ‘the result,’ we are mid-way in the process. What we are seeing now is what’s been growing and accumulating for some time–the negatives swirl and gather the flotsam of random hate and anger and jealousy and present their gift (and I mean that in the German sense, as the word means ‘poison’ in Deutschland!) to the too-trusting, the unsuspecting, those who have looked away from the nastiness, feeling there was nothing they could do.

There is a group out there who will ride through this relatively undisturbed; these are the individuals who’ve been willing to confront the bad guy all along–that willingness acts as a protective shield, because if there’s one thing we know about nasty people, about evil, is that the last thing they want is a confrontation, to be called out, because, really, when good musters itself, truly comes to the showdown in all its brilliant, deafening glory, it kicks bad’s ass so easily–remember that next time the choice is presented to you.