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Eugen von Blaas - 'The Love Letter' 1904 {{PD}}

Eugen von Blaas – ‘The Love Letter’ 1904 {{PD}}

We’ll likely hear a great deal today about what the social sphere, groups, and unified others believe and think, but we should hesitate to take those pronouncements at face value, even when we’re the ones making them and so convinced that the perception is not just correct, but correct in its monolithic approach. We need to remain aware that underlying that seemingly uniform and truthful assessment are several important things: 1) the speaker’s hidden biases, beliefs, or agenda, of which we/ they may or may not be conscious, 2) buried anger or denied desires unresolved and ‘leaking’ out through our/ their ideas about others, and 3) a disinclination to acknowledge the worth, common shared values, or mutual desires of ourselves and others. These three facets of discord can filter into our beliefs, ideas, thoughts, words, and our conceptions of ourselves and all others, and taint what seems to be a clear perception–that is, we’ll believe we’re seeing clearly, and like-minded individuals will reinforce our thinking, but in some small or large way, our conclusions will be seriously distorted or ‘off’. Too, our senses betray us, one way or another. Today’s a day to let what comes just flow over us, avoiding both drawing conclusions and reaching for power at this time; if we try either, we’re likely to end up with a raggedy handful of wrong assumptions and angry responses (Ceres qnx BML, Venus conjoined Chiron and contra-parallel the Sun, Merc parallel Jupiter and Pallas, contra-parallel BML and Zeus, and square Pluto and opp Zeus, Sun contra-parallel Juno)

Fragment of a letter on papyrus {{PD}}

Fragment of a letter on papyrus {{PD}}

Today’s word image is a letter written but never sent. Sometimes what isn’t said is more important than anything conveyed; listen for the ‘unsent message’ today–it’s bound to tell you something you didn’t know.

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