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Joseph DeCamp 'The Window Blind' 1920 {{PD}}

Joseph DeCamp ‘The Window Blind’ 1920 {{PD}}

Today both our urge to express in original and unique ways and our social urges will be in sync with our instincts, and with facets of our nature that are obvious to others but remain hidden from ourselves. What results is a kind of internal harmony that is matched externally, and can form a sort of alternate Universe, in which we act out our blind spot material, and into which we pour the strengths and weaknesses inherent in our individual perceptions and responses, so that what we communicate is most creative: it conveys to others our values, all that we care about, all that we are willing to do to earn and achieve, and shows in precisely what ways we’re laboring under the the impetus of dreams, or the weight of delusion. It’s a world entirely constructed of what’s in our heads, and what those factors of perception and belief mean to us–so what we’ll see and experience, in essence, is what the Universe would be made of, if we were its sole creator. This should be interesting, don’t you think? (Sedna parallel Uranus and Jupiter, Venus trine Mars, Mercury sxt Neptune)

Wild turkey in eastern United States (Meleagris gallopavo) {{PD}}

Wild turkey in eastern United States (Meleagris gallopavo) {{PD}}

Today’s word image is a wild turkey, running through the woods. It’s an odd thing to see something we think of as so thoroughly domesticated in its wild state and typical habitat. Look around–there’s something you think has been tamed, subdued, or exists for your own purposes that is actually, in some important way, wild, and so is outside the control or confines you expect. The nature of the person or situation is such that with a little scrutiny you may find it’s completely different than you thought–and so deserves a second look, to assess whether or not it’s worth keeping in your sights.

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