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'Still Life with Cake' Raphaelle Peale 1817 {{PD}}

‘Still Life with Cake’ Raphaelle Peale 1817 {{PD}}

Saturday it’s all about relationships: how much do we wrangle over material matters, restrictions, and the past, how assertive should we be in addressing those things we (or our partner or another significant individual) have ignored or been in denial about, how aggressively to root out injustices, and how much to value smarts, how much practicality, especially if neither wins us love? With the Moon in Aquarius and so many passionate energies in retrograde, we may opt for the cool intellectual approach, but be forewarned: only those in love with our minds will respond as we’d like; everyone else may feel talked down to or frozen out, in which case we’d do better, with Venus brand new in Taurus, to go the comfort route, and offer everyone a slice of cake (Perfecting today: Mars nov Black Moon Lilith, Venus sxt Pallas, sesq Saturn, and nov SN)

Adolphe Bouguereau - 'The Goose Girl' 1891 {{PD}}

Adolphe Bouguereau – ‘The Goose Girl’ 1891 {{PD}}

Saturday’s word image is a girl chasing a big white goose; she finally catches it, and it nips her hard enough to draw blood. Obvs, right? What are we going after that will only cause injury if we actually get it? We need to ask a few questions: has this happened before, and we persist anyway? Are we aware of the sharp little teeth in that beak? Is there a reason we’re ‘pursuing our goose’, or is it a power play, or is it aesthetic, as we imagine holding the downy-white body close? Is this really ‘our goose’ to chase? And do we have plans for after we catch it, liking eating it, or stuffing a pillow with its feathers? I know, the goose symbol can quickly become tiresome, but the instructional value lies in giving us some distance from the situation in our lives that may correspond–and it urges us to be very sure there’s a purpose behind the pursuit, so that we’re not just wasting our time, chasing a silly goose.

Currier & Ives {{PD}}

Currier & Ives {{PD}}

Sunday we weigh our own empowerment against that of others, and we weigh communications against our highest values, requiring an absolute standard of honesty and truth. What the hell are we expecting? Demanding everyone bare their Soul is a bit unreasonable, especially considering we may feel those ‘rules’ don’t apply to us. We’re just a little confused today, imagining ourselves as all powerful (or as that being our rightful state) and we may set the bar far too high for the health and well-being of our relationships. On the plus side, we can be inspired by our own ideals to be our ‘best Self’, and expressing our creativity gives a nod to who we truly are, letting others see that most beautiful version of us, too (Sun sxt Neptune, Merc conjoined Vesta, Juno qnx Ceres)

Flickr: Fly Me To The Moon by Andreas https://www.flickr.com/people/56963596@N00 Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 2.0 Generic

Flickr: Fly Me To The Moon
by Andreas https://www.flickr.com/people/56963596@N00 Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 2.0 Generic

Today’s word image is an airplane flying very high, glinting in the noonday sun. What does that make you think of? Getting away? A modern scourge carrying disease lickety-split around the planet? The wonders of engineering? A crash waiting to happen? That man was never meant to act like a bird? Are you surprised that such a heavy object can leave the ground? I am, and aside from any personal association you make with the image, perhaps what we should look for is something astonishing that happens right in front of us; make an attempt to see things with new eyes, and there might be any number of events in your world that amaze you.

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