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Edouard Manet - 'Le Chemin de fer' 1873 {{PD}}

Edouard Manet – ‘Le Chemin de fer’ 1873 {{PD}}

Oh that’s dramatic, isn’t it? But the aspects perfecting today all have the ring of pain for, if not pleasure, then advancement of the Will, change, or healing that reveals our true values and what’s actually sacred to us. Or maybe it’s not quite accurate to call it pain; maybe we should call it ‘experience’.

Our own choices and actions will, with surprising ease, create change; be aware that an idle wish or off-hand effort may bring immediate and truly unintended results. Part of the problem will be that we are inclined to connect our healed bits with those things to which we’re dedicated, almost showing off, but we’ll also allow unhealed wounds to drive some efforts, especially on the home front or with the mate, creating a dissonance that might be hard to sort out.

The good thing is that if our intentions are kind ones toward both ourselves and others, we’ll gain in every way, and possibly do some spontaneously inspired or surprising things in relationships or finances that will allow us to use some of our most unique talents and gifts. Aim for a combination of Self-awareness and good intention–and then have a great day! (Chiron sxt Vesta and nov Venus, Mars nov Pluto)

Coryphospingus cucullatus/ Red-crested FinchBy Rcidte {{PD}}

Coryphospingus cucullatus/ Red-crested Finch By Rcidte {{PD}}

Today’s word image is a small, bright red bird putting the finishing touches on the spring nest. What have you been working at, or preparing, that’s just about ready to debut? This tells us to be confident, and at the same time, to take our time; make sure it’s precisely as you want it to be, before you wheel it out to show others. This could be part of the Mars retro picture: a lessening of the attention of others to what you are doing, which provides the ‘breathing room’ in which to make something ‘just right’.

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