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A kind of family portrait, with a female guise of Pluto in Minerva, per some astrologers, mostly notably Isabel Hickey. 'Minerva, Venus and Juno (The Judgement of Paris)' Giovanni Andrea Sirani 1638 {{PD}}

A kind of family portrait, with a female guise of Pluto in Minerva, per some astrologers, mostly notably Isabel Hickey. ‘Minerva, Venus and Juno (The Judgement of Paris)’ Giovanni Andrea Sirani 1638 {{PD}}

We have traded out Vesta at the apex of a Fist of God for Venus; archetypes of the feminine, that describe facets of what it is to be a woman (or to be anima dominant) will show in response to tensions, conflicts, or quandaries between what we desire, including our goals and ambitions (Zeus), and what we want to change, destroy, or transform (Pluto). It seems that inadvertent change will be the result of getting what we want; or that desire fulfillment removes something from our lives we want to keep; or in getting what we want, or fulfilling a goal or ambition, we lose significant power (and so the converse is true as well: being powerful means we can’t have what we desire); and for some, the stress between desire and threatened destruction or change hinges on finances or reward–to make a move may be to throw an important source into chaos.

Notice that the base of the Fist is composed of two male-identified energies, both of which are strongly linked to appetite, to power over others, and to taking what is wanted, without regard for the Other. These are energies that naturally see themselves as holding prerogative over others–rather strikingly, they also do not see others as whole Beings, with feelings and rights inherent to their state, but instead see them as instruments upon which to enact their Will. So, what causes the conflict in the first place is an attitude of entitlement, one that is loathe to give up power and desire fulfillment in any context; it is an attitude that believes, above all else, that it should have anything it wants.

Too, it may be that females or the anima identified will find themselves pawns in a struggle between two sets of Wills–but in truth, the male and female designations are only meant to express the differences in expression, the more assertive versus the more receptive–this could involve anyone. What we want to know, though, is, What is the antidote?

Venus makes one other aspect, a quincunx to Juno. Ahhh, here is how each of us can best get along, whether our struggle is an external one with others, or an internal one over our own wants: we are successful (that is, we get what we want, without losing power) when we are flexible in the expression of our reach, when we are clear on what makes up our territory, and in areas where we are not dependent on another (or on the status they provide) to make an impact. Juno is all about position within the power network, but she’s only effective when she knows precisely where she’ll be truly empowered to act. Though she’s mostly famous for her hissy fits, we have to look behind the stories to see that in those instances she was trying to control something or someone over whom she did not hold power; yet she’s both powerful and smart, commanding in those areas where she indeed holds sway. It’s the depth of our own Self-knowledge that will be tested with the tense situation of the Fist; those who know in real-world terms the extent of their influence are the ones who will choose, and do, effectively.

Venceslao Gennaio Castello Buonconsiglio Trento c1400 detail {{PD}}

Venceslao Gennaio Castello Buonconsiglio Trento c1400 detail {{PD}}

Today’s word image is a snowball, in summer! We find something today that’s a bit of a miracle, if we think about it. Appreciate this unusual, even illogical, thing in our world, and don’t worry too much about how it got there–the message is in the way it exists, in spite of all the indicators to the contrary.

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