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Fitz Henry Lane - 'Brace's Rock' 1864 {{PD}}

Fitz Henry Lane – ‘Brace’s Rock’ 1864 {{PD}}

Friday’s New Moon is here–

The AstroEssence for the 1st: Inspiration, a wider world view, and the promise of reward for creative expression, all combine to cause problems! Who’d uh thunk, right? But it’s our creative urge, our love of imagining, that can go awry, either inspiring the desire to pull away from established values and commitments, or leading us in the wrong direction by presenting illusion or deception as truth. Willingly facing what we’ve hidden or ignored, talking about hurt both inflicted and received, and understanding the benefits of sticking to realities (for if we are unclear about where we are, how do we get to where we want to go?) all help us deal with current influences successfully (Neptune sesq Vesta, Jupiter contra-parallel Chiron and nov Black Moon Lilith, Venus trine Neptune, Mercury opp Chiron)

Today’s word image is found in multiples, in things that are spherical. Not round; our image is three-dimensional, and that’s an important point, as dimensionality suggests depth to the meaning of the image. A sphere contains space, and if we consider this a kind of model of our world–what does your sphere contain? Each of us lives in a series of energy ‘bubbles’: our physical and etheric bodies, our intimate associations and pastimes, our wider purview, and our ‘reach’ out into the wider world. Are you satisfied with what your sphere contains? Overwhelmed? Feel it’s empty? Watch for actual spheres to clue you in via symbolism to messages about your own personal spheres, their state and meaning.

For those born with the Sun at 9 Libra: You may spend this coming year, through to your next birthday, weighing and adjusting your creative impetus so that you can afford it, benefit from it, and so that it doesn’t harm relationships. It’s a tippy balancing act that you are almost inevitably sure to feel will never find equilibrium–but that is exactly what you will one day wake up with, just under one year from now–and that will free you to apply your creativity with confidence and all the support you really need. Good luck, Libra, and Happy Birthday!

By Circle of Georg Flegel - 17th century {{PD}}

‘Still Life With Candy’ By Circle of Georg Flegel – 17th century {{PD}}

The AstroEssence for the 2nd: Brace yourself: our own actions and choices may inadvertently undermine our aims, surprises in both our own thinking and in communications from others are abundant, we’ll be acutely aware of the flaws in what we’re creating, hurt and healing are handed out like candy, and our only real power seems to center in the ability to dig up the past and all our complaints about it. Try as we might, the day will more or less end up a jumble; best not to fret (little that happens today will have any lasting impact), so taking everything with a grain of salt and a wait-and-see attitude is the preferred coping method (Chiron nov Ceres, Pluto sxt Black Moon Lilith, Mars semi-sq Juno, Mercury qnx Uranus, Sun qnx Neptune and contra-parallel Mercury)

By Peter Forster - originally posted to Flickr as Clock, Uhr, Orologio, CC BY-SA 2.0, https://commons.wikimedia.org/w/index.php?curid=10196199

By Peter Forster – originally posted to Flickr as Clock, Uhr, Orologio, CC BY-SA 2.0, https://commons.wikimedia.org/w/index.php?curid=10196199

Today’s word image is a clock. Aside from the obvious ‘time is passing’ shtick of which we all must be aware, we might consider the linearity of our perceptions of time–is everything happening at once? I tend to think so–or perhaps the way the concept of ‘the arrow of time’ explains our linear perceptions even as it supports a microscopic lack of linear flow: This seems a fairly good explanation, from Wikipedia: “Physical processes at the Microscopic level are believed to be either entirely or mostly time-symmetric: if the direction of time were to reverse, the theoretical statements that describe them would remain true. Yet at the macroscopic level it often appears that this is not the case: there is an obvious direction (or flow) of time.” Confused enough yet? As a symbol of time, I think the point of this image is twofold: awareness that we can only move in one direction, time-wise, so we’d better approach things with that in mind, and if there is a particular personal meaning to clocks and their use for you, you should consider that. Knowing that our perception of time is linear, but that it might not in the larger scheme play out that way at all, should broaden our understanding, even as it fosters respect for those elements of time (decay, aging) we can’t control.

For those born with the Sun at 10 Libra: What’s hidden, ignored, denied, or that makes you angry may act as the secret engine behind your choices, movements, and commitments this coming year. Though everyone else needn’t know this, it’s important you stay aware of that smoldering anger and righteousness–otherwise it could take over and end up alienating those you love and care for–and certainly, that will set you back a long way in attaining your goals. You have the creative chops and the resources to implement ideals and dreams–so staying awake to what propels you is the only thing to remember. Good luck, Libra, and Happy Birthday!

Have a great weekend!