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By Alice Pike Barney – 1901 {{PD}}

On the 9th Jupiter stations direct in Libra, at the midpoint of a Fire trine from Vesta to Black Moon Lilith. A Jupiter in Libra turnaround signals a turnaround of mind, maybe even a retraction of or reversal of ‘the facts’; relative to the other body and point (for we must remember, Black Moon Lilith is a calculated point, a not-thing that we nevertheless feel and respond to), this could suggest a shift in attitude involving what we honor and what we’ve denied or avoided. We could quite suddenly see the opportunity that comes from a more optimistic viewpoint or in pursuing positive, rather than angry or punitive, interactions with those who may have angered us. Potentially, the facts may not just change our minds, but change our values, what we dedicate our time, energy, and attention to. This could be a much more momentous change than the average planetary direction, at least as it may lay the foundation for much larger or more sweeping changes in our fundamental beliefs and way of thinking–and this may come in the wake of Full Moon events.

Other indicators suggest we may come to Jupiterian change (shifts in belief, or the gaining of optimism or seeing opportunity) through hurt, and may resist reformation, seeing it as ‘not us’–but this would be short-sighted, particularly in terms of how this may prompt profitable action–so willingly go with it, if you can (Chiron sesq Vesta, Venus sxt Mars, Sun qnx Pluto)

Full Moon occurs at 6:10 AM PDT at 18 Sagittarius 53. The Full Moon sits midway between retro Saturn and Black Moon Lilith; it also semi-sextiles Pluto (which minor aspect we’re counting because they are only three minutes off exact), opposes Ceres (placing the asteroid in a separating conjunction to the Sun), sextiles Zeus, and sesquiquadrates Venus in her own sign of Taurus. A Full Moon, as we know, is an event of culmination, an end to a sequence or situation, and in Sagittarius it is often an event that offers knowledge, in some form–and of course with endings, we can often see the seeds of new beginnings, just by knowing in what area of life we are experiencing a conclusion; something must take its place, as Mother Ceres abhors a vacuum. Look for the arena of change in the natal House where the FM falls, with likely secondary locations matters of the House opposing the FM, the House ruled by the Moon, and if you have natal placements or points at roughly 3 degrees Scorpio, that placement will be the apex of a Finger of God involving Mars and Venus, implying that actions taken in Love or Money will bring a manifestation of the apex energy–and if you have a natal placement or point at 3 Leo, you are looking at a Fist involving Venus, apex the Full Moon, which may imply difficulties in Love or Money, relative to the natal energy, coming to a head at the FM.

We already know from other indicators, including the Jupiter direction, that things, especially our beliefs, are prone to change at this time; the FM suggests that this change is a natural one, no matter how unnatural it may at first seem. It’s really a manifestation of what we have learned, or the connections we have made, in pursuit of our ambitions and desires, and the result will at least in part be one that requires adjustment to the material/ asset situation and/ or to the way relationships affect reward or remuneration, or even what is shared or can be counted on. Somehow the material situation changes, and whether this comes as a result of other change, or brings about other change, we come out the other side seeing things quite a bit differently than we have. We become aware of what we’ve hidden from ourselves, ignored or denied, or we see our own anger, that may have been hidden from our conscious mind, and this, more than anything else, may be the root of the changes we see.

Though not directly part of the FM picture, there’s a Finger of God with base of Vesta-Zeus, apex Neptune, that may point to difficulties and distractions that will function to draw our conscious energy away from the Full Moon scenario–and this may be directly related to the Jupiter direction as it calls up our ideals and creative energies as they play out through both values and ambitions. The imagination may be alight with what we desire–the real question may be, Is this in line with our values? So do we really want it, or not? Inevitably, this may be a result of, or spring from, the Full Moon events, and has the potential when combined with those energies of propelling a significant creative event forward in a big way.

The Sabian for the Full Moon is, ‘Pelicans Menaced By The Behavior And Refuse Of Men Seek Safer Areas For Bringing Up Their Young’. This echoes the opposition to the Full Moon of the asteroid Ceres, with the Sun pulling away from their union suggesting both the history of habitat destruction and between species animosities of the past and the only solution Nature may have, to get away from polluting and destructive humans. In the context of the Full Moon, it may suggest that real-world circumstances (Saturn) and the irritation they cause (Black Moon Lilith) may propel events forward–and in the process, affect the asset picture and the beliefs.

We also look at the Sabian for the Sun for a Full Moon, as it is the source of the light which creates the phenomenon in the first place: ‘A Large Archaic Volume Reveals A Traditional Wisdom’. This promises certain Truths will become obvious, certain wisdom shown in the form of previous experience or knowledge (the ‘Tradition’ of the symbol–Saturn in Sagittarius=real-world knowledge + Ceres in Gemini=thinking about what’s natural). This revelation/ realization may be the spark that starts the entire change of the Full Moon, shifting our material circumstances, and/ or our beliefs, by the end.

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