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Max Slevogt – ‘Portrait of the dancer Marietta di Rigardo’ 1903 {{PD}}

Here’s to hoping we’re all being scrupulously honest with ourselves, because those who aren’t will find their own actions, relationships, what they value, blowing up in their faces, and real changes will come to their place in the power structure–read that as, ‘power will be yanked away from them’–but that’s not you, is it, kind reader? We do have quick and original thinking at our disposal; mental inventiveness peaks, but it’s also imperative that we don’t promise more than we can deliver. The silver lining in all this is that what occurs can foster significant healing, most especially between the individual and the Truth, but only if there is willingness to see and accept reality for what it is, and to see ourselves in that same, clear light.

Today’s word image is a Boston terrier that sits for hours at a time, observing himself in a mirror. This is one of those times when the interconnectedness of events should be more obvious to us than ever, and this applies particularly to issues of forgiveness and judgment. Inspect those areas of life that are being held up to you as a reflection, especially in terms of showing you the attitude to take, or how to proceed, in an unrelated area.

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