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Hell is something different for each of us. Limbo By Jaime Serra – 1361 {{PD}}

What fresh hell is this, that our attention is repeatedly drawn to the unwise and the impractical? Our minds are sharp, working about as free from confusion and obscuring fog as possible, and yet we may spend too much time and energy berating ourselves for awkward choices or matters that just aren’t working out, or we could find ourselves staring at others’ mistakes, mesmerized like passers-by at an accident scene. The problem is that we’re haunted by experiences in the past that told us that to be strong, autonomous, and confident didn’t win us any friends–that in fact when we stuck to our principles and standards we were painted in a very unattractive light–but that was a reality reflected back at us by those who wanted to use us, who wanted to keep us unsure for their own purposes. Now it’s clear we can see how very right it is to see ourselves as our own authority, to honor our values and commitments, and to support both our practicality and what we consider wise. Today is a day for reassessing the way we see our past, and for realizing that the idea of ourselves as inadequate to address the issues in our own lives is so very far from reality.

Today’s word image is: a newly-purchased car has engine trouble. This situation could make anyone question their own judgment; if we see ‘newly-purchased’ indicating a direction or goal we’ve just chosen, and ‘engine trouble’ as (unexpected) difficulty moving forward or getting events rolling, we may think we’ve made a bad choice. Certainly you’ve potentially chosen poorly, but before you go there, consider that this event may be forcing you to pause, creating a situation where you must slow your roll and take a long look at what’s pushing you forward (the engine)–further examination of the circumstances will only work to your benefit.

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