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‘Faith’ From the Visconti tarot deck. Bonifacio Bembo – Beinecke Rare Book & Manuscript Library, Yale University 15th century {{PD}}

On the 2nd we have some truly brilliant insights concerning ambitions and desire fulfillment, but we resist going forward with these, convinced that to follow up on those ideas will somehow disempower us, or cause a loss in status or connections. Will it? Not if we align thoughts with highest values, and allow no daylight between what we profess (our beliefs) and what we think we are (and so put into the world/ do). The interesting thing about today is that it’s all about faith, in one way or another, and that means material circumstances, the reality picture, and even our health won’t reflect back to us accurate assessments of our current state. Rely on a seamless meshing of mind and belief, and allow mental energies to assess and guide.

Today’s word image is: a walk on the Lunar surface. It’s been 48 years since humans first landed on the Moon–and I think the image suggests we all take a look at our emotional state. You may want to first assess your feeling perceptions without external input, then review current transits to your Moon or in the House it rules, and/ or ask a trusted other their perceptions of your emotional landscape. You’re bound to see things just a little differently, when ‘grounding’ yourself in feelings rather than the material (Earth).

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